All our motorcycles are made for competition use ONLY

and are NOT covered by warranty and NOT to be ridden on public roads

Mini GP

Minimoto are road racing motorcycles in mini format and the motorcycles are adapted for racing on go-kart tracks. Competition takes place from the age of seven up to senior and is for many younger drivers a step into road racing.

MARSH RACING evaluates which minimoto we should offer. There are several interesting candidates for the MiniGP Junior and MiniGP Senior classes.


This beginner class is aimed at drivers of all ages who want to compete on motorcycles that meet the technical requirements for the driving license class A2. SSP300 is divided into junior and senior class. The class is run as a support class at SM competitions and as a class at individual competitions.

In this class, MARSH RACING offers the Kawasaki Ninja 400 in its most extreme design.


Moto 3 is the only SM class with real racing machines. Here, everything is extreme, the engine can be tuned and the chassis freely updated. The important thing is that the weight of the motorcycle together with the rider is limited. In the class, 125cc two-stroke (125GP) and 250cc four-stroke (Moto3) are driven. It is in this class that you will find the Swedish future road racing stars!

MARSH RACING evaluates which Moto 3 machine we will offer. A very interesting candidate is the Swedish Husqvarna Moto 3 FR 250 GP!


Superstock 600 is the medium-sized SM class. The class is open to homologated standard four-stroke machines according to the following 600cc/4cyl, 675cc/3cyl, 750cc/2cyl. Only minor modifications are allowed.

In this class, MARSH RACING offers a fully updated Triumph Daytona 675 R 2013-. Within the framework of what the regulations allow, there are no compromises!