We are a company with a passion for road racing. We know that it takes both personal ability and really good material to succeed. Marsh racing AB offers the Swedish market world-class racing machines. Or, if you do not win with a motorcycle delivered by us, we know what it depends on! Your personal skills.


We have chosen to name our modified models as MARSH EDITION. These motorcycles are developed based on our know-how about absolutely world-class components. Many others take the cost into account, we do not!


We like when things go fast, so we send components with A-post. We deliver the MARSH EDITION racing machines with free home delivery throughout Sweden.


All our racing machines and components are sold exclusively for use in racing. We therefore do not provide any guarantees on sustainability. If you bought a MARSH EDITION, it guarantees for 60 months that you can get every single component down to the smallest screw delivered throughout Sweden. The warranty covers components that were available on delivery and if necessary, we repair the motorcycle at no extra cost. You are only responsible for purchasing components through us.